After several years of only semi-successful vegetable gardening, I had decided last fall to focus on planting mostly easy and tough butterfly-friendly flowers this spring. Now, after reading an article on the effects of recent immigrant roundups on farm labor, I’ve decided to split my garden space between vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

On order:

  • Burgundy Okra
  • Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Three varieties of watermelons: Ali Baba, Orangeglo, and Congo (does this seem excessive?)
  • Flowers: Cosmos, zinnias, mexican sunflower, and blue monday sage

As you can see, I’m keeping it simple and selecting varieties that usually thrive in heat and drought. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees in Oklahoma last Saturday (in February!), I worry that the summer heat may destroy anything I plant. Still,  my apple, peach, plum, pecan and persimmon trees usually bear fruit regardless of the crazy Oklahoma weather. So at least I’ll have those to keep me busy.

What’s growing in your garden this year?

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